You may have the best staff in the nation and business is going great. Perhaps you’re not at the stage where you can hire additional team members, but you could use additional resources. Here’s how a temporary staffing agency can help your business:

When to Hire a Temp

  1. Cover for Leave – Whether it’s family leave, maternity leave or medical leave, there comes a time in every business when key employees will be out for an extended period. Parsing out the job duties to other team members puts an added burden on people who may already be very busy. A temporary employee can be brought on board for the leave period to help cover one of the positions. Say you have an executive administrator who goes on leave, but a talented receptionist can cover that position. You could bring in a temporary receptionist for the duration of the leave. This not only covers a key position, but it also gives the regular employee an opportunity to learn new skills.
  2. Cover for Vacation – Similar to covering for a leave, even 2 weeks without a key employee can seem daunting. A temp can help bridge the time when the employee is away.


Ease the Pain



  1. Catch up on Backlog – Every business has it – those jobs that never seem to get done which pile up after a while. A temporary employee can be brought in for a specific period of time to help clean up the backlog. Things such as data entry, filing, warehouse inventory and other jobs can be easily trained and accomplished when you have a temp on board.
  2. Special Projects – Do you have a mass mailing you need to do? Do you have an engineering project that doesn’t have enough manpower? Are you holding a huge customer event and need all hands on deck? The next time you have a project, consider hiring a temp or two to help you through it. Ease the pressure of the regular employees by providing extra hands during busy projects.
  3. Supplemental Workforce – When you’re bursting at the seams, but don’t have approval to hire regular headcount, adding supplemental staff can really help. Nearly every department can be staffed with qualified, temporary workers to help you. Just a few of positions include administrators, human resources representatives, finance professionals, engineers, IT department members, warehouse workers and marketing folks. When you are able to get more work done by hiring supplemental workers, you can also create a case for management to get that headcount approved. (An added perk would be to hire that temp when you DO get approved – they will be trained already!)

There are many more ways in which a temporary employee can help your business. These are a few that stand out as common to our team when we help our clients.

For your temporary staffing needs, consider Hallmark Personnel first. We provide a boutique level of service and strive to get you the most talented and qualified individuals for your needs.

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