With 71% of all Internet users actively using social media, chances are you are too. When it comes to your job search, it is important to realize that many employers will look for you on social media, often before they interview you. So, what will they learn about you?

Here are a few tips about how to behave on social media if you’re looking for a job:social-media-and-job-search-bay-area

  1. Check your settings – on venues such as Facebook, your privacy setting determine who sees your posts, your locations and your activity. Do you really want your future employer to see your score on Candy Crush? Set your privacy settings to only your immediate network as opposed to “public”.
  2. Consider your tweets – Twitter is different than the other social venues in that it is like lightening speed. You may think you are tweeting to your own network, but in fact, anyone can re-tweet your tweet to their network and so on. Before you tweet anything you may regret, think about what your potential employer might think if they read it.
  3. Don’t bad-mouth your current employer. When you have a bad day, it’s tempting to turn to your social network to complain. Don’t. Most people know where you work and some may know your coworkers. They, in turn, may be connected to the employer you’d like to impress. It’s best to leave your work issues off of social media in general, but especially when you’re looking for a job!
  4. Keep it positive. On the flip side of what NOT to do, our advice for what TO do, is to keep it positive. Not only will your network appreciate your up-beat attitude, but so will an employer who happens to read your posts.
  5. Get active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the number one professional social media network and nearly every recruiter in the US uses it to find qualified candidates. Make sure your profile looks good and post a professional status now and then to increase your chances of being found.

Social media can be a powerful tool in helping you get a great job offer. It can also turn away potential employers if you aren’t careful. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy social media if you keep in mind our tips during your job search.


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