Why keep your LinkedIn profile current


You may be looking for a job. You may not be. You may want to network with other professional or you may not. When it comes to LinkedIn, we think it’s ALWAYS a good idea to keep your profile up to date. Here are five reasons why it may benefit you:

  • Active Job Search – The obvious reason why you should keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, is if you’re in the market for a new job. With a current profile, you can showcase your history, skills and experience. Potential employers will search for you based upon key words and if they are found in your LinkedIn profile, you may come up and find yourself discussing an exciting new opportunity. You can also change your contact preferences to state that you are open to learning about new career opportunities. This is like a green light to recruiters to reach out to you.LinkedIn profile update silicon valley
  • You’re poachable – maybe you’re not actively looking for a job, but feel some sense of dissatisfaction and would consider a new job if the right one was presented to you. Recruiters search LinkedIn first when they have a new requisition and often reach out to people that fit their job description, regardless of whether or not the person is looking for a job.
  • Networking to grow your career – You’ve heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”. Nothing is more true than when it comes to growing your career. You never know when you might be asked by a boss to research a new service or product or learn something where you need to come up with answers quickly. LinkedIn is a huge network of professionals and overall, they are quite helpful. Expand your network and you can tap into the huge knowledge-base whenever you need.
  • Lead Generation – If you’re a salesperson, hiring manager or recruiter, there is no better tool out there than LinkedIn for generating warm leads. However, if your profile is old and stale, you may not impress the people with whom you’d like to connect. Additionally, if you keep your profile up to date and connect with new people regularly, you will have a rich network to reach out to for sales or hiring – or even asking questions of experts to help you be better at your job.
  • Easy Resume Updates – If you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date with your accomplishments, new job roles and duties, you will find creating a resume when you need one, a snap! We’ve even heard of online tools where you can turn your profile into your own resume website. By investing time along the way, you’ll make a usually painful task quite easy!

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is essential for any business professional, regardless of your job search status. Be sure to keep your active and you will impress your connections!


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